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I want dirtystain you back for 13 July this year. My wife Jill and I were playing in a bar near La Rochelle, France, England, France, to see the Euro 2004 competition. That dirtystain night we were the only Englishman among a crowd of young French boistrous, many of whom were local firefighters. The jokes - but pigeon English / French was brilliant. I speak French and Jill speaks reasonable even though it was really in the swing of things, especially with Pernod HLEP and churches. As the game progressed, she was always very proud and strong as England were more or less on top. As a supporter of football and England often corresponds to endure in the past I tended my thoughts and feelings under control, knowing that things are flying in the air to keep your face ! But Jill was really going on there, the resolution of the French boys who laugh at their antics, but in the end were probably curse! Four of the children were the focus of most of his ravens and held thattousled hair bouncing up and down every time something exciting happens. This was always a bit of conversation among the boys, as she has very large breasts, and were obviously out of control as they jumped around the nipples and is very excited about her bra and T -shirt clingly England . Until it was a small change, if the balls of gold lost its worth and the boys suddenly began to think they can get some of the game, but Jill was not so blind, that kept the barrage of songs England and bounce! Then came one of the dirtystain boys spoke broken English, she says, 'put his money where his mouth was'and a bet if it was not so sure. The euro banknotes flowing, but said that if France amounted to' get their tits out'which said well, since they 'can not win ' there. I told him to shut up because he looked a bit ominous for England, but 'oh no ' simply brilliant it even more acid. 'So, what, when France won ?' Said thand individual. just laughed and said he was unlikely to be removed if they did. dirtystain Considering that only 5 minutes left on this occasion, I thought it would at least get a draw. The man replied that if he wanted France won, he and his colleagues over a strip- tease. said something in French to his friends who all applauded and began singing in French, while making rude gestures with his hands and mouth ! dirtystain N With that France had a free kick on the edge of the box and my stomach started churning for several reasons. Marked and there was chaos, tousled hair jumping (and I) started and who had seized the chest by a couple of them. Then he began to sing from, and pointed to his T -shirts. I said I better go before hand, but only made ​​them, and a big hit, pulled her shirt and bra on his head. I was surprised dirtystain and a little angry with her, but was good in things now, and she lifted her by the waist and jump up and down, waving their huge melons. Within seconds, the French were to grief, and she grabbed her, while Zidane was always ready, and when he lifted her skirt and noted that she began kicking. Go for it was wild and was right in the middle dirtystain of all this without harassment French with her skirt around Wasit by four firefighters. The game ended, but did not. We bet they said, and grabbed me by the left to buy, they said it was an ' old fart and with which he removed his shoes and was high in the shoulder caused by a bar Conga d boys 'at the bar with my wife on his shoulders, before entering the next room, where he was taken to a beach chair and soon invited all his benefits to the eye. I was powerless to stop (and his), and now I was so intrigued and excited by what had happened, I just watched of the action for the second time that night f ** ked Brittany France
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